Teambuilding in SPA centre

Hard work requires quality rest! Every team member needs some time to relax in order to recharge with energy and inspiration and work more efficiently.

Private parties can also continue after 9pm.

Secret SPA offers private weekly visits for corporate clients and organizing SPA team building with the option of catering, drinks, and many other extras!

Unforgettable team building at Secret Spa

What does it include?

Use of the swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam bath and sauna

A robe for every lady

Unlimited water, hot and soft drinks

Team members need a soothing and relaxing massage? Our massage therapists are available for any guest who is ready for more. Pamper employees with a massage or other treatment (peel, anti-aging, hammam, etc. ).

Bring the team together with team building at Secret Spa

What does it include?

Swimming pool with a length of 15 m and a water temperature of 32°

8-seater Jacuzzi with water temperature 35°

Steam Bath


Bathrobe for each guest

Hot drinks, soft drinks and mineral water

Music to your taste

We can create a pre-prepared video or presentation about achievements and future goals of the team.


You can bring alcohol, soft drinks and whatever beverages you choose

Massage therapists will be available for consultations, massages or cosmetic treatments. Details can be found HERE

Make unique and unforgettable teambuilding with Secret spa

Why Teambuilding at Secret Spa

Additional benefits

Pamper your team with an unforgettable, unique spa team building experience. A good opportunity to organize an event to bring the whole team together , without allowing outside visitors. Here we have prepared an irresistible experience that you can combine with additional services:

We organize appetizing catering according to a pre-approved menu

Balloon decoration or something special in a color range of your choice

Welcome drink with frozen shots and alcohol or a cocktail of your choice

Making a cake with a look and taste chosen by you

Preserve the memory of the exciting event in amazing photos. We will facilitate memorable group photos with the entire team and capture your achievements and future goal setting.

Prices for teambuilding in SPA centre – Secret Spa?

Special price offers

4 hour stay

- weekday - 850 BGN

- weekend/holiday - 990 BGN

2 hour stay

- weekday - 460 BGN

- weekend/holiday- 560 BGN

* You could bring alcohol or enjoy the wide selection from our bar.

Overtime 300 lv/h.

* The above prices are for parties with up to 15 guests. There could be a surcharge for each additional guest.

Additional services

Hookah - 45 BGN/pc.

See the Catering and Sushi menu HERE

Cocktail tables - 50 BGN/pc

Decoration of your choice (Negotiable)

Cake (Negotiable)

Dancer - for participation 350 BGN

A 50% deposit is required to reserve your date and time.

for teambuilding in a spa center!

Special offer for teambuilding

Your way of losing track of time. Delight the whole team with An 8-hour pool party, special attention and plenty of fun and unforgettable moments.

  • Brings the team together: Shared fun moments will enhance team spirit and create lasting memories.
  • Boosts motivation: An unforgettable party will energize the team and motivate them for new achievements and goals.
  • Encourages creativity: The informal setting will stimulate creativity and generate new ideas.
  • Ensures relaxation: Team building in a spa is a great way to shake off stress and recharge with positive energy.
  • No other visitors, that would be distracting and create unnecessary noise. A place just for your team!

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Why organize a teambuilding in Secret SPA!

Why choose us for private teambuilding?

Crossing the threshold of Secret SPA, you seem to teleport from the hectic city to an oasis of peace and pleasure. Here, in the heart of Sofia, you and your team will find the ideal environment for team building, combining relaxation, privacy and unforgettable moments.

The cozy environment at Secret SPA is a true oasis of calm where your team can shake off stress and recharge. We offer a wide range of massages, face and body treatments, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi to help your team relax and unite.

Secret SPA can also provide you with fun games and exercises that will stimulate team spirit and bring your team together. Our team will assist you with the preparation of a customized teambuilding program tailored to your needs and wishes. Our team of professionals will take care of every detail to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Secret SPA – the place where your team will unite and recharge! Whether you’re looking for a day of indulgence or a unique team building experience, Secret SPA has everything you need to make it a memorable event. Why not book your spa day with us and let us help you organise the perfect experience for you and your team?

5 reasons to organize a teambuilding in Secret SPA! Secret SPA!

Here are 5 reasons to organize a teambuilding in a spa:

1. Relaxation and privacy: A calm and relaxing atmosphere, away from workplace stress. It’s an ideal environment for the team to relax, shake off tension and bond.

2. Entertainment and bonding: a variety of activities such as water treatments, massages, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi. These activities encourage communication and teamwork, and the team bonds in an informal setting.

3. Increasing motivation: Teabuilding is a wonderful way to increase the motivation of the team. Through relaxing and fun activities, employees are recharged with positive energy and return to work with renewed motivation.

4. Improving communication: The spa center is an ideal place for team exercises and games , which stimulate communication and cooperation between the workers.

5. Health and well-being: Spa procedures are not only pleasant, but they also have health benefits Team building in a spa is an investment in the health and well-being of employees that will positively impact their performance.

Don’t waste time wondering! Contact us to create an exciting team building plan.

Teambuilding at Secret Spa


Unforgettable teambuilding in Secret Spa

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