SPA area

Swimming pool

Our indoor swimming pool with a panoramic view is available to all Secret Spa guests. Amidst the artistic setting, the beautiful waterfall and geyser stand out. We have taken care of everyone’s comfort and have ensured a water temperature of 28°. There are free drinks, bathrobes, towels, and many other benefits available for all our visitors.


Could we promise you the luxury and a multi-sensory experience if you can’t relax after a swim in the jacuzzi? Here the degrees rise and reach 40° – the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne after your favorite SPA treatments.

СПА в София - Secret SPA сауна


For thousands of years, different cultures from all over the world have benefited from the many advantages of time spent in hot rooms. Today, the sauna has become a favorite place for relaxation, but while you are enjoying the high temperatures, you are also taking care of your health.

In addition to almost certainly saying goodbye to any trace of stress in the sauna, you will be able to improve the health of your heart.

At Secret Spa in Sofia, you can enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna, offering all the conditions to give you complete peace of mind and body. In it, the room and the seats are made of wood, providing soft warmth to make your stay inside even more memorable.

Steam Bath

At Secret Spa, we believe in giving every guest who steps into the SPA center a full experience and a variety of health and beauty treatments. That is why with us you will find not only the sauna loved by everyone but also a steam bath in Sofia. It tempts with higher levels of air humidity – just one of all the factors that will make you not want to leave the hot room.

And why would you want to, when this procedure offers so many benefits and healing properties – in addition to taking extra care of heart health, time spent in the steam room improves the immune system and even fights depression.

СПА в София - Secret SPA парна баня
Хамам в София - Secret SPA

Hammam massage

How to get the most out of your visit to our SPA center? Start the experience in the traditional Turkish bath – Hammam in Sofia. It becomes a natural prelude to everything else that Secret Spa offers, preparing your skin and enhancing the effectiveness of other treatments.

Only 10 minutes on a traditional heated table are needed to start evaporating toxins from the body and opening the pores of the skin, which will have a favorable effect on the action of each product, applied during your visit to our relaxation area.

Having preserved the Roman-Byzantine tradition of ritual bathing, our hammam is distinguished by its beautiful atmosphere in the spirit of the Orient. Touch the authentic feeling by peeling with a bag or a natural exfoliating products like coffee.

Gua Sha - a beautifying SPA procedure

And if a beauty SPA weekend sounds like something to your taste, we recommend Secret Spa’s special anti-aging facial treatments for timeless beauty.

Gua sha stone massages prevent the appearance of imperfections, reduce puffiness and brighten the skin. Discover the many benefits of jade, considered the most precious stone in Chinese medicine and a symbol of eternal life. Finally, finish the treatment with a cooling mask to erase any trace of fatigue from your face.

Гуа Ша процедура в Secret SPA

Check out our package offers and prices and book an appointment for your secret weekly health and beauty ritual at Secret SPA! And did you know about our various types of massage – we use the best massage practices, and you leave yourself in the hands of experienced massage therapists!

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